Hi, I'm Tomasz Ostrowski! I'm freelance graphic designer and illustrator from Poland.

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Son Goku
Illustration of Son Goku (Dragon Ball) made for Character Design Challenge.
Spear (animation)
Frame animation done in Photoshop.
Avocado (animation)
Frame animation done in Photoshop.
Kinga III
Digital portrait of my girlfriend, Photoshop.
Personal illustration/poster, Photoshop.
Personal digital painting inspired by public domain photo of 1920s criminal.
Gran Torino
Illustration of Gran Torino done in Photoshop.
Geralt of Rivia
Personal illustration, stylized version of Geralt (Affinity Designer + Photoshop)
Quick illustration for fun, Affinity Designer + Photoshop
Vector illustration, Affinity Designer + Photoshop.
Raccoons illustration
Personal Illustration, Affinity Designer + Photoshop.
Deer illustration
Personal illustration, Photoshop.
Fox illustration
Personal illustration, Photoshop.
Personal illustration, Photoshop.
Dog portrait
Dog portrait - vectors. Do you want a portrait of your dog, just like this one? Contact me! I'm open for commissions. Other pets are coming soon too - your pet can be first!
Aztec sculptures
Personal project. Inspired by Aztec sculptures.
Monster Hunter (Witcher fanart)
Personal digital painting - Witcher 3 fanart. Study of Stepan Kolesnikov's "Winter scene" + Geralt from reference (concept art by Marek Madej)
Kinga II (Digital painting)
Personal digital painting - portrait of my lovely girlfriend.
Astronaut (digital painting)
Personal digital painting.
Devil (digital painting)
Personal digital painting from photo reference (public domain photo of 1920s criminal).
White peacock (digital painting)
Personal digital painting (study from photo).
Smokey (digital painting)
Personal digital painting inspired by a fashion photo.
David (digital painting)
Personal digital painting of David sculpture (color study from photo)
Random portraits 01-09
Personal project. First part of vector portraits of different people (and animals).
Digital portrait
Digital portrait of my girlfriend.
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